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Diamond Edge General Services (Diamond Edge) is a firm that provides consultancy services in human resource (HR), human resource development, compensation and benefits, policies, terms and conditions documentation in employee handbook, disciplinary rules and regulations, among others.

The philosophy of the firm is that people development begins from very early in a person's life. Parents play an important part in this learning process. You would have heard of head-start education, kindergarten and so on.

The next two phases of learning is primary school and secondary school (high school in some countries). Then students proceed to college or university for tertiary education.

Some mothers even play music to their unborn babies. They believe that this will make their children more intelligent than other children.

Diamond Edge provides advice to students on potential career paths based on their aspirations and the direction their career will take based on their high school performance.

Continuous Learning
People do not cease to learn. Knowledge, that is, the right knowledge, is essential for progress, whether for people in general or workers or organizations.

It is because of this that Diamond Edge also provides advice to employees on their career paths and important employment matters including compensation, benefits and retirement plan. It also provides consultancy services with respect to collective bargaining agreements.

Diamond Edge General Services provides consultancy services to organizations particularly on Compensation and Benefits system, Human Resource Policy, Employee Handbook, performance appraisal and management, motivation, and employee discipline.

At the opposite end, it provides advice to employees on termination and retirement matters.

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