Competent People Ensure
Your Organization's Success

Competent people are needed in every organization. Management needs to ensure that the right people are recruited for every position particularly the ones critical to the success of the organization.

Benjamin Franklin wrote:

    “All highly competent people continually search for ways to keep learning, growing, and improving. They do that by asking WHY. After all, the person who knows HOW will always have a job, but the person who knows WHY will always be the boss.”

Select the right people at the interview stage
Job interviewers must ask the right questions to identify the people best suited for vacant jobs.

It is critical that you start selecting the most suitable candidates at the point of entry. Build up talents suitable for your organization.

Selection is made easier by the use of applicants shortlist. The selection becomes easier when you have the list of requirements for the vacant positions. These include, the required qualification, skills, competence, and personality traits. Some positions may require relevant experience for a minimum number of years.

Human Resource Managers together with other senior executives usually conduct the interviews. The higher in the hierarchy the vacant job is, the more senior the line manager who sits as a member of the interview panel.

The CEO and a director may sit as panel members in interviews to fill vacant managerial and senior executive positions. The HR Director sits as the third panel member, if there is an HR director. Otherwise, if you are the Human Resource Manager, you may have to assume the role as chairperson or recorder.

It is always preferable to have a third person as a panel member. This is to prevent any biased decision or questionable approach. This will prevent any accusation of abuse of the selection process.

This also reduces the possibility of any charges of discrimination based on the job interview questions asked. Anti-discrimination laws may apply.

Alternatively, your organization may engage a recruitment company to find the talents that your organization needs. However, the final decision must remain with your top management.

This is outsourcing of the recruitment function. This may not amount to a strategic approach in recruitment. It may involve longer time and higher cost.

Ensure only competent people conduct interviews

Develop an in-house team of interviewers unless, of course, you have outsourced this task.

This is to ensure that your organization will have the capability to conduct effective job interviews at any time new talents are needed. The interview is not a place and time for trial and error. This is not something that organization can leave to chance.

If interviewers are not competent, there is the possibility that the wrong candidates are selected. If the position is managerial, this person may have to sit as an interviewer in future. Being incompetent can result in the selection of people who are incompetent.

Equip officers with effective interviewing skills.

The training must incorporate the necessary skills needed to prepare effective job interview questions. Role play is a necessary part of this training.

Availability of internal expertise is crucial to enable organizations to reap the benefits of good interview techniques that lead to selection of the right people to fill positions as and when they fall vacant.

Outsourcing Recruitment
As an alternative method, you can outsource the recruitment function. Many organizations are doing this to reduce costs.

Take note of the following if you outsource the recruitment function.

  • This may interfere with the effectiveness of your human resource management plan. Plan properly if this is your choice.
  • Job interview questions preparation is an essential part of strategic recruitment which in turn is part and parcel of strategic human resources management.
  • People from outside the organization will not appreciate the peculiarities in the organization. Your organization may have no choice but to accept the consultants' choice. Time is wasted for a second stage interview. Even so, the consultants' recommendation may have influenced the choice in one way or another.
  • This is time-consuming and costly. It is better to have competent people from inside the organization conduct the interview and make recommendation to management.

An organization of competent people
An organization would need capable people at every level to ensure continuous success for a long time. Corporate success can cascade to better employee benefits. This motivates them which, in turn, makes them more committed and motivated.

But is it always good to be competent?

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