Career Plan

Empowering People to Drive Productivity

Career plans are as relevant to corporate leaders as it is important to workers themselves.

Management needs to take interest in employees' career.

Help your people grow in their respective job. Develop career path for each employee. By doing this, your people can focus more in doing their jobs instead of worrying about their future. They want assurance they have a career in the organization.

It was found in a recent survey that the majority of workers prefer to stay in their present jobs. In other words, they are looking for job security.

Help employees prepare their career goals.

And provide them with counseling as well as coaching.

Help employees grow in their Job

Some of your people would have started work in your organization after high school. They may have the talents but some of them may not have the knowledge how to make an effective personal development plan. Implement a policy on continuous learning.

Map out the career path of each employee. This makes them more committed and engaged in their job.

Give them the necessary skill training. This increases their skills and competence. Allow them to take up distant learning courses, and provide support where possible.

This makes employees more productive. They will become more effective and motivated. And this will have positive impacts on your organization's performance.

When and if your organization can financially afford it, help employees to get higher qualifications. This is good for their career development. They can follow evening or weekend classes in order to obtain a diploma or a degree relevant to their work. This encourages them to remain with your organization for life.

You may want to take this option if there is a shortage of available qualified people even in an employers market. There is no added advantage in engaging some fresh graduates whose qualifications do not satisfy your organizational needs. They may have a longer and steep learning curve.

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Make Career Planning part of Employee Development

A strong emphasis on on-going employee development can enhance your organization's image as an employer of choice. Base career plan on employees' merit, and that they have the aptitude to learn.

Appreciate people's ability through maximum use of their knowledge, skills and talents.

Since your focus is on employees and not solely on the interest of the organization, no one can accuse you of taking advantage of your people. This is smart career planning. This is a win-win position.

With this policy, you have the flexibility in selecting employees with the right disposition for further training. More people will end up in jobs where they can make maximum use of their talents. This is beneficial for them as well as the organization.

If you help employees with their career planning, it is more likely that they will stay with your organization for a long time. This motivates them to commit their time and talents to the success of the organization. Try to make them more than happy working for you.

This is necessary for the organization's continued success.

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