The Basic Needs of Man

Food, clothing and shelter are the three basic needs of man.

Food is a basic need

These three combined are considered as one of the main measures of 'absolute poverty.' This is clearly indicated when, in 1976, the International Labour Organisation introduced it as the approach to measuring poverty.

According to Wikipedia, basic needs approach to measurement of absolute poverty is 'the absolute minimum resources necessary for long-term physical well-being, usually in terms of consumption goods.'

As an employer, and as a manager in position of power, you can start with workers. You may conclude that these three needs are no big deal. But if you fail to appreciate the real situation in which every person finds himself or herself, you may have failed to grasp the importance that these three need play in the life of your people.

Pay your people enough to take care of these three basic needs. Give extra and you reap the benefits derived from increased motivation. But ensure it is not perceived as being manipulative. Pay them based on the actual value of their job. And give them pay increase based on performance.

What can employers do to contribute to the eradication of poverty in the place where they are carrying out their business activities?

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The Basic Needs of Man are Included in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

You may remember that these three basic needs of man are the three needs at the bottom of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

You need food for physical health and strength. Without food, you are unable to work. If you cannot work, you don't earn any money. Without money, you cannot buy food. You will starve and waste away being malnourished. Since you cannot work or cannot continue to work, employers would have one less worker. That's one less talent.

The ability to earn presumes that jobs are available. If jobs are available but are very few or your qualifications are not suitable - lack of person-job fit - you may not get the job.

With respect to clothing, you also need money to buy adequate and the right type of clothing. Thus, the ability to purchase clothes depends on earning capability. If not, one may have to depend on other people's charity.

Other bodily coverings such as shoes, socks, and hats are also necessary depending on the climate and weather. And you will need blankets especially during winter or cold nights.

You need clothing for protection from the elements and from diseases-carrying insects.

You need shelter - house, cave, caravan, for example - for protection from the elements and from dangers. This presumes that you have land on which to build a house or you found a suitable cave or you are able to buy a caravan made from durable materials. Or you are able to buy a decent house.

Theory aside, what are these basic needs of man in the every day life of a person? What is this to the ordinary man - and women - in the street?
It can only mean that in order to put food on the table, a person must have money. In order to have money, he or she must have a job or has the means of earning enough money. It means having the means to buy some form of bodily covering and a reasonably decent place to stay.

Beyond Food, Clothing and Shelter
Education is important, if not the most important, thing that gives you the means to get hold of these needs. But not all people are equal.

For example, how are the disabled able to fulfill these needs? How are they able to meet their need for food, clothing and shelter?

People who are poor and cannot fend for themselves need concrete help in order to survive. How is the case of an able-bodied person any different? Even so, if you are unemployed for a long time, you are unable to satisfy your three basic needs, the need for food, clothing and shelter.

Water and sanitation are two other important things that require attention. This is why many environmental activists are gaining more attention. These form part of the three basic needs of man.

Basic Needs and Jobs
There is an abundance of jobs that are related to these three basic needs of man. Such a job gives you satisfaction in being able to help others.

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