Strategic Human Resource:
People Management that Helps You ACHIEVE SUCCESS

Strategic human resource management aligns your human resource function to your core business objectives. HR is at the very center of organizational success.(Foto by Mike Mccormick)

To effectively manage your employees is not as daunting as you may think. But it needs a lot of hard work on a continuous basis. This becomes easier once you equip yourself with the knowledge and skills how to bring out the best out of your people. In HR, people are put at the centre of everything that the organization does.

If you hold a supervisory or managerial position, this indicates that you have the competence needed or have the potential to become a skilled manager in the near future.

However, you may want to know that the use of strategies in human resource management is not as widespread as you may expect. This is despite the fact that proponents of the use of strategies in HR had made the proposals more than twenty years ago. However, there is an increasing number of organizations that are championing the importance of HR.

Even if this is so, you can draw encouragement from organizations that had successfully implemented some important aspects of strategic human resource management. Some of these are large reputable corporate entities.

You need to journey along that same road. With the additional know-how you can help your organization leverage its success on people.

You need to learn the relationship between strategic management and human resource management.

Strategic HR management involves more than just the administration of human resource programs or activities. However, you still need to do these activities which are mainly maintenance in nature but still very necessary.

Effective people management is all about application of strategic management principles to people management. You may prefer to call them employees or human capital. It does not really matter. As long as you recognize and value people for what they are and what they are capable of, and that their role is crucial, your organization will reap the benefits in the long run.

Discover how the right way
of managing people - strategic human resource management - can help your organization

  1. To incorporate Human Resource plans into the “mainstream of organizational strategy and management" (Book by  Tapomoy Deb "Performance Appraisal And Management), whether with profit-orientation or otherwise;
  2. To instill belief on the importance of people in achieving the overall corporate plan, that people add value to the business operations of your organization;
  3. To ensure that HR people learn to think and act strategically when carrying out their duties and responsibilities...and how these contribute to the achievement of organizational business plans;
  4. To design performance incentive plans and strategies with the intention to continuously motivate employees and thus improve customer service in a dynamic environment;
  5. To arrange for the right training programs to enhance current skills of your people or to provide them with new skills in line with your core business activities and / or new business ventures and at the same time improve organizational capability;
  6. To engage, motivate and retain talents,
  7. To ensure that employee termination is properly done, according to existing laws, in order to minimize damage to image of the organization,

among other matters.

To put it in another way, there is a need to learn how your human resources, increasingly described by many as “the only important asset”, can play important roles in helping business entities accomplish their overall strategic plan and attain organizational success.

Sadly, you will sometime find that words are not usually matched by actions when organizations say that their people are their most important asset.

New ways, new ideas in strategic human resource management are emerging! You will also note that HR is also taking a battering. This becomes very apparent during periods of poor financial performance or economic recession.

Join those who have changed the way they manage their people.

There is a growing interest by organizations in implementing strategic human resource management. Do not allow others to leave you behind. Do not allow important opportunities pass you by.

Learn how to prepare and implement a strategic human resource management plan. Learn how to link HR management to your business plans.

Changing Perception about Human Resource Management The lot of HR people is changing and it appears for the better.

Human Resource is not yet accepted as a serious profession as law, accounting and engineering. The United States is leading the way in recognizing Human Resource practitioners.

Important Role of Books and Online Learning

You need all the tools to ensure you can implement HR strategies. Books are an indispensable resource that is sometimes overlooked. There are a lot of good books on strategic human resource management.

Managers like you, and supervisors, manage people and need all the help available apart from attendance at training programs. Make use of all the relevant resources. You may yet find something that can shed light how to handle emerging issues affecting people in an ever dynamic business environment.

Read great books that can help you manage your people more effectively. Get hold of books on effective people and organizational management, human resource management and all the people-related aspects of management.

The Future of Strategic Human Resource Management

Proponents of strategic Human Resource management generated tremendous interest on the subject. Some large organizations had implemented it.

In contrast, some lament the ineffectual efforts by many organizations in implementing the system.

Strategic human resource management is not going to disappear. This is so as long as people continue to run organizations of whatever size and for whatever purpose. Click HERE for more information on human resource management.

It is very certain that people will continue to play pivotal roles. It is in people that creativity and innovative ideas reside. This is one reason why people will continue to play important role in the business plan of organizations.

As the world of business becomes more complex and challenging, strategic human resource management will continue to grow in importance in the success story of organizations.

You may want to know that even in some developed countries, institutions, organizations, and professional managers are not in favour of human resource management. In the United Kingdom, for example, personnel management is still preferred. In time, things may change.

The more effective way of conducting your business

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Strategic Human Resource Management Impacts on Organization's Success
Strategic human resource management requires organizations to maximize the productivity of people using effective strategies to help achieve organizational goals.
HR Strategic Planning Puts Things in Motion, Optimizing Utilization of People
HR Strategic planning is one definite action you can take to formulate an HR framework to align your human resources to your corporate organizational plans. This puts things in motion.
Recruitment Must Identify the Right Candidate for the Right Job
Recruitment is at the forefront of activities that build up the talents pool of the organization to ensure that it can achieve its objectives.
Use Sample Appointment Letters for Administrative Improvement
A sample appointment letter that shows you how such an important document is drafted. The format varies from organization to organization. Remember to include all fundamental terms.
Strategic Human Resource Development Improves Performance and Productivity
Strategic Human Resource Development increases the competence of your people. Your organization's productivity will improve as the result.
Career Plan
Help your employees prepare their career plan. This motivates them to stay with your organization.
Strategic Compensation Must Motivate Your Employees
Strategic compensation is intended to increase employee motivation.
Employee Motivation Leads to Improved Performance
Employee motivation is one of the important factors that can help you to improve employee and organizational performance.
Performance Management: Continuous Process on Productivity Improvement
Consider performance management as an investment in your human resources that give returns in terms of better standard of work performance and higher productivity.
Human Resource Manual is a Communication Tool
Use your Human Resource Manual as an effective communication tool to educate and engage employees.
Employee Discipline Maintains Order in the Workplace
Employee discipline or staff discipline as some name it, is a necessary part of human resource management. Failure to act on any perceived misconduct can lead to loss of control and trust.
HR as Strategic Partner
HR as Strategic Partner plays a crucial role in strategies development and their effective implementation. This adds value to your human capital, thus, enhancing your competitive advantage.
Human Resources Current Issues - Keep Up To Date
Human Resources current issues revolve around many aspects of HR. Do not miss any of them for preparedness.
HR Glossary
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